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New Study Shows LifePharm Egg Protects Cells from Oxidative Damage
Lake Forest—September 26, 2016—Orange County-based LifePharm® scientists enlisted human fibroblast cell scientist Dr. A Hinek M.D., to perform an antioxidant test on the LifePharm egg extract formulated for Laminine®. The results showed powerful antioxidant properties from the LifePharm egg inhibiting oxidative stress.

The LifePharm egg is a nine-day old partially incubated hen egg extracted from the early, fertilized, unprocessed avian egg. Unlike many other heated or chemically processed egg products, the fertilization of the LifePharm egg and its precise incubation time helps it retain its original active components. When the avian egg extract is blended with quality fish and vegetable proteins, the final product—Laminine—produces beneficial health effects. Previous studies have shown it can help balance cortisol and blood sugar levels. Now, new research indicates another health benefit: antioxidant protection.

Dr. Hinek performed the antioxidant test by adding the LifePharm egg extract to human fibroblast cells. These cells underwent exposure to severe oxidative damage. The results showed powerful antioxidant properties from the LifePharm egg inhibiting oxidative stress.

LifePharm Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar commented, “There is already extensive, published research on the presence and characterization of antioxidants from fruits, vegetables, some breakfast cereals and herbs; however, there is only limited research with regard to antioxidants from animal-derived products. This new study proves that phosvitin—preserved in the LifePharm egg—can attach to free floating excess iron, thereby inhibiting oxide formation.”

LifePharm Executive R and D Scientist Kimberly Lloyd M.S. adds, “This latest study verifies that Laminine—the proprietary formula that encompasses the LifePharm egg—protects human fibroblast cells from the oxidative damage of hydrogen peroxide. Dietary antioxidants are thought to impart potential health benefits in reducing the risk of some health conditions.”

In addition to Laminine, LifePharm produces three other supplements—OMEGA+++ DIGESTIVE+++ and IMMUNE+++—exclusively manufactured in the U.S.A. Clinical studies have also been conducted on OMEGA+++, DIGESTIVE+++ and IMMUNE+++ with equally impressive outcomes.

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