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LifePharm Now Offering Laminine in South America
Lake Forest—November 15, 2016—In the last quarter of 2016, Orange County-based LifePharm® has opened in its sixth continent with the launch of Laminine® in Bolivia. Laminine is best known for the LifePharm proprietary ingredient of fertilized avian egg extract. The product was just published by the American College of Nutrition as part of a clinical study, and featured for the second time on the award-winning American Health Journal in September.

Bolivia currently has a population of just under 11 million people and 30 different ethnic groups. It is rich in natural resources such as tin, natural gas, petroleum, silver, iron, and gold.

Vice President of Business Development Winston Suyanto says, “The United States has long been Bolivia's largest trading partner. As a country in need of an economic boost, the LifePharm opening is an equal opportunity business proposition for Bolivians to fast track to a healthier, financially independent livelihood. We are confident the availability of Laminine in Bolivia is just the beginning and will lead to more openings across South America in the future.”

LifePharm has experienced massive growth in 2016 with product expansions in Ghana, Switzerland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Greece, Malta and Slovenia.

“Because life is precious”—the LifePharm mission is to develop meaningful relationships and to empower people with the opportunity to lift up their lives. LifePharm provides the ideal products to improve health and wellness throughout each person’s lifetime. At the heart of the company is a calling to help the needy, so LifePharm has built a path for people who not only want to support themselves but also to help others transform dreams into reality.
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