To show support and our appreciate to our leaders and founding members in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, LifePharm Global held its first LEADERS BUSINESS MEETING on Saturday, April 16, 2011, in the prestigious 5-star LEGENDS HOTEL in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The meeting, which included a scrumptious buffet dinner hosted by the hotel, was another rousing success in our series of Leaders Dinner and Meeting events!

Originally planned for only 40 leaders, over 70 leaders from all parts of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand ended up attending this exclusive ‘Invitation Only’ event.

During the event, leaders had the chance to get introduced to LifePharm Global as a company, become more familiar with its flagship product and learn about the compensation plan along with a video introduction to the innovative back office system.

Leaders also had the opportunity to meet and greet LifePharm Global’s CEO, Bernard Sjauta, who flew in from the US for the event. He was accompanied by the Company’s Asia Pacific President, Budy Hartono.

LifePharm Global wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to Malaysia’s master distributor, Fikrie Omar, Azuki, Fashyam and all the other leaders whose tireless contributions helped make this event a big success.

We look forward to hosting a larger event in South East Asia soon.

The 5-Star Legend Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was the site of LifePharm Global’s Business Leaders Meeting

The event, which lasted from 8 pm to 11 pm, was another rousing success in the Leaders Dinner series. Shown above is CEO Bernard Sjauta (center right) and Asia Pacific President, Budy Hartono (center left), with the 70 leaders who made their way from all parts of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand to meet with LifePharm Global.
During a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, LifePharm Global’s CEO Bernard Sjauta, along with LifePharm Global’s Asia Pacific President, Budy Hartono, met with Mr. S Y Kor. Mr. Kor is a well known and prominent figure in the South East Asian network marketing world. LifePharm Global is proud to be working with Mr. Kor’s company, MLM Smart Resources whom within a short time, succeeded in obtaining the necessary permit to import Laminine to Malaysia. We look forward to continue working with MLM Smart Resources.

LifePharm Global’s CEO, Bernard Sjauta with Mr. S Y Kor and LifePharm Global’s Asia Pacific President, Budy Hartono in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia